Phenomenal Summer

Hello hello

So… as I told you last night I was invited to a preview screening of the new IRN BRU advert for the summer. It’s fun, fast-paced and the catchy Paolo Nutini tune ‘Pencil full of lead’ takes you on a cartoon type adventure through a typical Scottish summer. There’s swingball, sizzling pasty white skin, music festivals, midges and of course IRN BRU. Created by the Leith Agency and directed by INK Digital the advert will be shown on screens from tomorrow, Friday the 15th April and will run until June, representing a significant investment for AG Barr.

If you want to see it before it’s screened on tv head on over to the main IRN BRU website and feast your eyes on a nostalgic and fun filled 60 seconds. You can even star in it by uploading a picture of yourself and a friend. Go on!!

Below is a screen grab to give you a flavour of what’s in store. Pretty cool I think you’ll agree.

When I was there at this very posh place in that big ol’ city called Glasgow I met a few lovely people whom i can’t for the life of me remember their names. There were lovely ladies from Burt Greener and nice guys from Blonde and they gave me a bag full of goodies. Here’s me relaxing pretending to be on the beach.

And here’s my wee pal playing on the lilo! He thinks he’s at Portobello beach already.

You can read the Cut outs Press release here. Then, go on, do what it says below, check out the ad and make your summer Phenomenal!

Big love

Wee Bru


Under the weather

I was feeling a bit under the weather today. Must be the change in temperatures from the weekend. But I had an exciting day ahead of me. Little old me was invited to see the new summer IRN BRU tv advert in Glasgow today!! I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow as, for now, it’s top secret… ssshhhh. Come back tomorrow night and I’ll tell you more. The ad will be shown on tv from Friday and it’s fun, happy and features a typically Scottish summer!

Thanks to the lovely people I met today. Catch you later,
Wee Bru :-)


I’m still here

Hello readers! Sorry i haven’t been here for a year. I’ve been busy. Mostly with getting a new lid (have you tried opneing a bottle of me recently?).

I will be back with more adventures very soon.

Thanks for still being here.

Catch ye later

Wee Bru