Wee Bru visits London, Again!

A wee while ago, in fact, a few wee months ago, I went to that big city, London again. My second visit in as many years. It was terrific. I saw more sights and had my picture taken all over the place. My favourite was Tate Modern and South Bank. They were busy and thriving and the weather was brilliant too. I really was a lucky Wee Bru to have gone when I did. My companion took me to loads of new places and together we had a ball.

Here’s some photos for you. I hope you like them.

Visiting William Shakespeare, he wasn't it

What a view eh? I was a lucky Wee Bru to have such great weather

Tate Modern. One of my favourite buildings. Certainly not Wee :)

Tate Modern, one of my favourite places. Certainly not Wee!

The Sunflower Seeds in Turbine Hall. Amazing sight.

London Bridge. Just like the nursery rhyme.

London Bridge itself. It's a giant structure.

Relaxing in my bed after a full on 2 days of sightseeing in London

Wee Bru loves London. Does London love Wee Bru? I hope so. Can’t wait for my next visit. But for now, heading off to dream of new adventures.

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Thank you friends

Wee Bru :)




Hello friends

I was on a few mini adventures this past weekend. I went to Glasgow and it was such a nice day. The weather was that of early autumn. A bit windy, but mild. It got a bit nippy later on though. Glad I had my Wee jacket with me.

I only had a few snapshots taken. Didn’t want to look like a total tourist in a city i’ve visited loads of times! Anyway, here’s a few…(sorry they’re a bit tiny, i’ll try to adjust them, if i can get my head around the technicalities!) ;)

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Until next time

Wee Bru :)

PS that London post will be coming soon. It’s taking me a while :)

Under the weather

I was feeling a bit under the weather today. Must be the change in temperatures from the weekend. But I had an exciting day ahead of me. Little old me was invited to see the new summer IRN BRU tv advert in Glasgow today!! I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow as, for now, it’s top secret… ssshhhh. Come back tomorrow night and I’ll tell you more. The ad will be shown on tv from Friday and it’s fun, happy and features a typically Scottish summer!

Thanks to the lovely people I met today. Catch you later,
Wee Bru :-)



Next up on my summer tour was a trip to London.  We were off to see Ruth and Kate from the trek.  It was exciting and we set off for Glasgow on the train from Stirling.  We had an hour to spare between arriving in Glasgow Queen Street and leaving from Glasgow Central so when a text came through to meet a friend for a cuppa we were glad.

We set off from Glasgow at quarter to 2pm and made our way down the counrty on a Virgin tilting train.  Oaft it was making me feel a bit queezy but it was fast and we arrived in London at 6pm on a Friday evening – RUSH HOUR!!  Ruth was there to meet us and after another hour on various tube trains we were at her flat in Putney.  It was lovely.

Saturday morning we all headed out sightseeing and made our way to the South Bank – home of the London Eye and Tate Modern.  A loves art so we took some great photos of me there.  There were a few strange looks from people but who cares.  I was making my own art!  What do you think?

inside tateTate Bru

I particularly love this picture of me in front of Tate Modern.  It really was a massively tall building.  The art inside that we saw was amazing too.  We crossed the Thames over the Millennium Bridge and made our way to St Pauls Cathedral and then to Trafalgar Square.  There was a woman on the Fourth Plinth making bubbles!!  I’d wanted to go on the Fourth Plinth and just stand there but i was too late applying for it.  I got my picture taken with Nelson – I wonder of he liked Irn Bru?  Or if anyone else in the crowds here did?…

Scotland place bru

Nelson bru

The next day we went down to the Palace… yes, Buckingham Palace, but the Queen wasn’t in.  She was probably back in the homeland (Scotland) at her summer retreat at Balmoral.  The palace is huuuuuge!! and the place was buzzing with people taking pictures, chitter chattering away in a hundred different languages and here we were, laying in the red tarmac in front of the palace taking photies, making art.  There were a few other Scots around too, Rangers were playing Arsenal at the Emirates – luckily they didn’t spy us, we hid from them, ha ha!!

Palace bru

Anyway after a long day out on Sunday we relaxed at the cinema where A drank… wait for it… Pepsi – yuck!!!  It was all they had that she “liked”.  Monday morning at 9am we said our goodbyes to Ruth, who’d been a great host, at Kings Cross station and headed back up the road.  We could see the landscape change as we headed up the road and it ws nice to see some hilly landscapes again.  We missed it a lot.

It had been a fantastical weekend in London and I’m glad A took me along to share it with her.  I can tell we’re going to have some great adventures together and well… we kinda wondered if any of you would like to join us??  Let me know folks.

Wee Bru  :o)