Under the weather

I was feeling a bit under the weather today. Must be the change in temperatures from the weekend. But I had an exciting day ahead of me. Little old me was invited to see the new summer IRN BRU tv advert in Glasgow today!! I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow as, for now, it’s top secret… ssshhhh. Come back tomorrow night and I’ll tell you more. The ad will be shown on tv from Friday and it’s fun, happy and features a typically Scottish summer!

Thanks to the lovely people I met today. Catch you later,
Wee Bru :-)



I’m still here

Hello readers! Sorry i haven’t been here for a year. I’ve been busy. Mostly with getting a new lid (have you tried opneing a bottle of me recently?).

I will be back with more adventures very soon.

Thanks for still being here.

Catch ye later

Wee Bru



Happy New Year!! and all that. 

I took my first jaunt up the Ochils on New Years Day!!  It’s took me this long to defrost so here’s some pics from that adventure…

Me!! Stuck in the snow

I was freeeeeeezin!!

This is me and my big pal Reddie enjoying the view

That's where I was! Dumyat. It's big eh!!

The Family


It’s been a wee while since i updated this blog – sorry!  I’ve not been anywhere that exciting recently but… i have met a few ancestors from the Irn Bru family.  Take a look at these photo’s of ‘the family’ and see. 

Wee Bru :o)

Great Uncle Irn Bru Snr.

Great Uncle Irn Bru Snr.Uncle Hamish Bru

The Mighty Wallace!

The sun seems to have popped his head form out behind those grey, wispy low clouds this past couple of days and yesterday and today have seen the bluest skies for a while.  My feet were starting to get itchy not having been on a mini adventure for a wee while so off I popped to a local hot spot to see this mighty giant they call Wallace… Wallace Monument.  It was late on when i set out but i made my way up the track to the monument itself to catch the great views to the North and Crianlarich hills, to the West and the Trossachs and to the East and Ochils and very much in the distance Knockhill.  The views are awesome and if you get them on a good day at the right time you can see some wonderful sights watching the colours of the sky change.

There’s been a new path made alongside the original path up to the Monument itself.  There’s the one the wee mini bus drives the lazy locals and tourists up and there’s a new gently sloping path that is for walking up only.  I chose the steeper mini bus route then into the trees near the top gave a little respite from the unusually hot sun. This is when i finally caught sight of the mighty beast that is the Wallace Monument. And boy is it a big one!!!!


I made my way up and then finally to the flat area in front of the monument where the benches are to sit and watch the views come and go as the light changes.  This was a good day and a great time to be visiting.  It was after closing time so not many people about except a few Americans and other people who were so obviusly tourists.  The views.  Well they didn’t disappoint and the hills appeared to be closer than they were the last time i visited here.  They were a blue grey colour in the not too distant horizon and you could easily pick them out.  Ben Lomond, The Cobbler, Ben Ime… then further along were Ben Venue, Ben Ledi, Stob Binnein, Ben More and finally Stuc a Chroin and Ben Vorlich up by Lochearnhead.

Panorama 3

Yeah they were looking lovely today.  Bet they were mobbed.  After sitting for a while taking in the vista i turned my attention on the beast behind me!!!  It is MAHOOSIVE!!!!!  no word of a lie!



People were staring at me… but i think it was because they were thinking “Jee whizz that Wee Bru is tiny compared to that big monument”  i could tell…  I larked aroudn for a wee while and then headed off back down the track and home… but not before more photies.  Hope you all like them.

Wee Bru :o)



P1020272  P1020273

And finally…  a great trio of hills… you can even see those ridges on the back end of Ben Lomond! – look closer…