Everest Base Camp

Jee whizz, i nearly forgot about this adventure!  I did actually go to Nepal with A in April 2009.  Poor A, she got awfully sick when she was there and so neither her nor I actually made it to Everest Base Camp.  So there are no pictures of me from that famous trekking destination.  This is a pity but such is life.  Ange didn’t get a picture of her there either.  We had a good wee cry in the tent one night in Tengboche and drowned our sorrows with a pack of Haribo jellies.  The place was really amazing though.  I didn’t bump into any of my Irn Bru family there but there was plenty from the Coca Cola family.  The people were fantastic and Ange’s trek buddies laughed when she introduced me to them.  Overall we thoroughly enjoyed the trek but are still to this day a little bit gutted we never made it to Everest Base Camp.  But man… it was Phenomenal!!

Here’s a picture of where i lived for that 17 days of A’s trek.  In her big mahoosive kit bag.  It was comfortable for me but man i was glad to get home.

Kit Bag

Wee Bru


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