My first adventure – Ben Lomond

My first adventure was back in July 2009.  I took a trip to Loch Lomond and climbed Ben Lomond with A.  We had a great day and i got wonderful views of Ben Nevis.  It took us about 5 and a half hours but was well worth the slog up that Ptarmigan Ridge.  Oh but my goodness it was a busy hill that day.  A day that turned out to be one of the few days of sunshine we’ve had here in Scotland this summer.  But that’s ok though.  Cos we Scots like the Winter too!

Lunch break

This is me at our snack stop on a rock halfway up the Ptarmigan Ridge.  That’s The Cobbler in the distance.  I hope to get up that mountain one day but i’ll wait ’til Ange suggests that trip first.  It could be a tough day.

Ben Nevis

This is me lookng North towards Ben Nevis.  Now… one day I hope to get to the top of that mountain too!  It’s the highest mountain in Britian don’t you know reaching 1,344m high.  Wow.  I’ll be knackered by the time i get to that summit!

So that friends was my first adventure.  I hope you liked it as much as i did.

See you later

Wee Bru


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